The Healthy Caribbean Coalition

The Healthy Caribbean Coalition

The Healthy Caribbean Coalition is a civil society alliance established to combat chronic diseases (NCDs) and their associated risk factors and conditions.


To harness the power of civil society, in collaboration with government, private enterprise, academia, and international partners, as appropriate, in the development and implementation of plans for the prevention and management of chronic diseases among Caribbean people.


The reduction of death and disability from chronic diseases among people in the Caribbean.

Values or Guiding Principles

The Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC) carries out its mission with the minimum of structure and bureaucracy; guided by the themes of action, inclusivity, simplicity and flexibility. It is an inclusive Caribbean civil society network providing opportunity for civil society and public, private organizations both nationally and regionally, and their members, with core values of transparency and integrity to come together in response to the pandemic of NCDs. The HCC focusses on population-based public health programmes. It is a network that upholds and pursues the strongest democratic principles and it gives significant consideration to equity issues, favouring the more vulnerable and disadvantaged. It provides encouragement towards the exchange of experience and knowledge through the provision of an environment that enhances personal and professional development that empowers people.


Contribute and participate in all aspects of advocacy as a tool for influencing positive change around NCDs through mobilisation of Caribbean people and the creation of a mass movement aimed at responding to the NCDs. Development of effective methods of communication for and among members of the Coalition and the people of the Region. Build capacity among health NGOs and civil society in the Region. Contribute to NCD public education campaigns and programmes. Advocacy and support for NCD risk factor reduction through: 
A. tobacco control and implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, 

B. increased physical activity, 

C. improved dietary intake including reduction of salt and sugar, elimination of trans fats, and responsible alcohol use, 

D. support of initiatives, plans and programmes at country and organization level, and 

E. advocacy and support for enhanced detection and management of chronic diseases

Functional Status

The HCC is a not for profit limited liability company registered in Barbados, governed by rules and regulations determined in a transparent and inclusive way by its members
Membership of the HCC presently consists of more than 40 Caribbean based health NGOs. Membership is open to all voluntary associations and informal networks in the Caribbean and extra-regionally where individuals and groups engage in activities of public consequence, and have similar objectives, goals and interests as the Healthy Caribbean Coalition. Members include non-governmental health organizations, professional health and other associations, faith based organizations, neighbourhood organizations, cooperatives, charities, unions, social movements, and special interest groups.
Membership by individuals is permitted irrespective of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation as well that by institutions or organizations outside the Caribbean region.

Institutions/organizations or individuals with links to the tobacco industry and those that take part in activities and have goals deleterious to public health are not accepted as members of the coalition. No fee is attached to being a member of the HCC.
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