Large Bran Sandwich

Large Bran Sandwich

Wonder Bran is one of the all-time favourites; available in Junior, Regular and Large sizes. This family favourite is a significant source of dietary fibre and plays a pivotal role in the efforts of home makers to maintain balanced diet for their entire family.


Enriched Flour, Water, Bran Flakes, Sugar, Vegetable Shortening, Molasses, Salt, Yeast, Calcium Propionate, Emulsifiers

Wonder’s Suggested Recipe:

Summer Bruschetta

Health Benefits of Main Ingredients:

Wheat bran is well known for providing a significant source of dietary fiber, but it is also a great source of minerals and some vitamins for example, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin E.
Molasses has a very high mineral content. One tablespoon of Organic Molasses contains 20% of the daily recommended daily intake for calcium, 22.5% of the daily recommended daily intake for magnesium and almost 40% of the recommended daily intake for iron.
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